5 Best Double Nose Piercing Ideas

Double Nose piercing is a trendy fashion nowadays. In some countries, it is an integral part of their life. Nose Piercing is the second most common type of piercing after the earlobe piercing.     

This is the right place for you. Whether you have already decided to get one of those cute nose piercings or you are just looking for something new.  Nose piercings are available in many shapes and sizes. Also, it can be located in unexpected parts of your nose. Double nose piercing is ideal for all confrontations. What matters is to discover the culminating combination between them.

1.In case you’ve got an oval face, at that point, you’ll wear one penetrating in each nostril. Because symmetry doesn’t make your face seem more extensive.

2.In case your face is especially long, wearing a septum puncturing isn’t a great thought since it’ll prolong it more.

3.For those of you who have circular faces, penetrating both nostrils isn’t the most excellent thing you’ll do to complement your development.

Again, double Nose Piercing comes in different variations on different locations on the nose. In this article, you will find the best types for your needs.

1.Double Nose Piercing-One Nostril

"Double Nose Piercing-One Nostril"

This pattern is best if the curve of your nose is wide enough. You can add two studs or rings. It will also give you a stunning look if you mix stud and ring in the same nostrils. In the case of an oval face, I strongly recommend you avoid double rings, and instead, I suggest you go with studs.

2.Double Nose Piercing-Studs

"Double Nose Piercing-Studs"

This type of pattern is very familiar in the young generation. Some women find ring patterns too obsolete. They want to stick with a simple fashion style. Studs have many varieties from small little stars to large portion metallic studs and come with many shapes and designs like heart, infinity signs, and many more. Small studs can be a nice touch with women who have a round face.

3.Double Nose Piercing-Rings/Hoops

"Double Nose Piercing-Rings/Hoops"


Rings or hoops are some kind of nose jewelry for nasal piercings. These two can vary wildly in size: anything is possible, from round, wide hoops to fine ringlets close to the side of the nose. They have a slightly rebellious attraction. This kind of piercing can also look adorable, especially when the hoops are very small and delicate.

4.Septum Piercing

"Septum Piercing"


This is widely known as bullnose piercing. Septum piercing is astoundingly beautiful. Unlike most other nose piercing, it doesn’t go through the bone or cartilage. Instead, it goes through the skin of the septum. This genre of piercing goes mostly with girls who have round faces. There are a huge amount of cute designs out there. They look genuinely beautiful.

5.Bridge Piercing

"Bridge piercing'


This type of piercing is quite different from others. As the name suggests, the bridge piercing is performed through the skin on the bridge of the nose, which should end up directly between the eyes. In the case of the more common types, the designs for bridge piercings do not differ as wildly as they do. But they can be cute. The barbell used for the piercing of the bridge may have smaller or larger ends and may differ in color.


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