How To Clean a Wedding Dress at Home

How to Clean a Wedding Dress At Home

Do you want to know the easy way of how to clean a wedding dress at home? Yes, you can easily clean your wedding dress without any trouble….


Wedding dress is not just a dress. It is a reflection of a long cherished dream.


Everyone wants to see a beautiful groom next to a beautiful bride.

At the wedding, a little more attention is paid to the bride’s dress. However, the groom’s dress is as important as the bride’s dress in the wedding.


Although the wedding dress of the bride and groom is worn on the same day, it is important to keep it clean and take care of it as it involves the emotions and feelings of every person.

So there is a need to keep the wedding dress clean.


In Western countries, brides usually wear gold, off-white or maroon gowns at weddings. On the other hand, The groom usually wears different designer suit pants to match the color of the bride’s dress.


This wedding dress will forever be a big part of your many precious memories. You need to be careful to avoid any kind of damage to the dress. So of course, there are a number of things you need to consider before cleaning your wedding dress.


Whatever the type of wedding dress, the type of cleaning is different. The method of cleaning different types of cloth is also a different process.

So of course, here are some tips on how to clean this precious dress by emphasizing on the quality, color, and design of the fabric. Then you have to clean it very carefully and keep everything perfect.


Usually the wedding dress is a little expensive and very attractive.  Because every person has a lot of dreams about the wedding and what kind of dress to wear on the wedding day. Everyone has a different love for their wedding dress. But a little carelessness on the wedding day can be damaged by any kind of stain on the dress. But again, you have to be very careful to clean that expensive dress.


There are different types of work done in your wedding dress such as lace work, stone work, pearl work, flower design. And depending on that the dress should be washed.

However, it is better to wash the dress according to the manufacturer’s advice because the manufacturer will understand better how to clean a dress.


If the dress gets dirty or loses its moisture in any way, it can be washed to restore its beauty and freshness. However, you have to work a little more carefully to clean the wedding dress at home. On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that it is an expensive wedding dress. So the dress cannot be ruined by being careless in any way


How to clean a wedding dress at home


First, you need to remember what kind of clothing it is. Because not all clothes can be washed together. The way to clean all kinds of clothes is different.


If your clothes are made of silk or georgette or sequence stains. it is better to clean them by hand very carefully. Silk fabrics should never be washed in a washing machine, because washing machines provide a high success rate so they can cause damage or wrinkles.


Clean with water


In a bucket of normal temperature water or mild lukewarm water with a few drops of alcohol free liquid detergent should be mixed well with water. If so, it is better to use baby soap or shampoo. 


However, it is better if the whole dress is not washed but only the spot. This reduces the risk of damage to the dress and makes it easier to stain and clean. The clothes rubbed in no way

Do not do it. If you clean it gently, there is no possibility of losing the fiber of the cloth.


Dry wash

But there are some clothes that cannot be washed and those clothes have to be dry washed. And you have to be a little careful to dry wash because if you make a little mistake, the clothes can get damaged. And in that case it is better to have a dry wash done by a professional.


If you want to remove stains by dry washing your clothes, you must do spot cleaning by hand before steam cleaning. Vinegar, baking soda, hairspray, Borax and baby powder help to remove stains. After that the dress should be hung on the hanger and the steamer should be filled with liquid detergent for steam cleaning.


There are different methods for dealing with different types of stains


Cornflower can be used in case of oil sticky stains. Borax is mixed with water and sprayed to remove food stains.


If the dress has sweat stains, then spraying vinegar on the previous place can give good results


If the dress is stained with champagne or wine, it is best to add baking soda.


Baby powder can be used if there is makeup stain on the dress


If there is an ink stain, spray it with hairspray and the stain will go away.


On the other hand, the groom’s clothes are also very important. It’s also a little complicated to keep the suit pants that brides usually wear clean. Because if you want suit pants, it is not possible to wash with water. If there is any stain on the groom’s dress at the wedding, it should be dry washed.


No matter how the clothes are washed, if you want to keep the clothes well, you have to pay attention to the drying of the clothes. If the clothes are not dried properly after washing, then the clothes can be ruined. However, it is better to dry clothes in the sunlight during the day than to dry them in the machine dryer.


If the cloth is dried in the sun then the cloth stays good for many days. And clothes that are exposed to direct sunlight are less easily attacked by insects. However, some clothes that are not exposed to direct sunlight are not should be air dried at normal temperature. Padded hangers should be used for drying clothes. Then the clothes are less likely to stretch or wrinkle.


There are some things to know when you’re cleaning wedding dress at home


Expert suggestion

Wedding Dress Expert Suggestion

When buying your wedding dress, of course, it is better to know the method of cleaning according to the type of dress from the seller or shop assistant, then there is no possibility of ruining your beautiful dress.


Need to know about fabric

The method of cleaning all types of clothes is different. If your dress is silk or georgette or sequined. In that case, if it is cleaned by soaking it in normal temperature water or lukewarm water, there is no possibility of shrinkage or expansion of copper.


Find out the problem spot

Find stain of wedding dress

If you want to clean the dress, you must first understand what kind of stains you have. Because different types of stains are different.


Clean it carefully

There are many types of embroidery, lace yarn, and stone designs in the wedding dress. So when cleaning the dress, you must pay attention to that delicate work. Such designs should be cleaned very carefully by hand. If there is any difficulty in cleaning the dress by hand then it can be given in the laundry.


Must be dried properly

If your clothes are not dried well after smoking, insects can attack the clothes and ruin the dress. It is best to dry the clothes in the sun to protect them from insects. And to dry the dress in the sun, it must be hung on a padded hanger to dry. And if you want to use a dryer to dry the dress, then the dress can be given to a professional.


Wedding dresses should be cleaned at home but some things should be avoided


Always clean at your responsibilities

It is not right to clean the wedding dress on your own responsibility as it looks like everyday dress. It can ruin your wedding dress.

If you want to clean one without understanding the type of fabric then your wedding dress may be ruined.


Trying to remove all kinds of stains in the same way

Clothing should be cleaned based on the type of stain. Different types of stain cleaning are different. The whole dress can be ruined if the spot is not cleaned properly first.


Wash all clothes in the washing machine

Don't use all cloths in washing machine

It is not right to clean all kinds of clothes at once. If the wedding dress is given in the washing machine together with your daily dirty clothes, it is not right. It is better to clean such a beautiful wedding dress separately.


Fold the dress

It is not right to fold your wedding dress to save such an expensive, beautiful dress. Just hang it into its cover and keep it in your closet.


Using bleach on your wedding ‘White’ dress

If there is any kind of stain on the white gown of your wedding, then if you can’t clean it at home, it is better to give it to a professional in the laundry. However, it is not right to use bleach in any way.

The use of bleach can ruin the fabric of such a beautiful white wedding dress.


However, the wedding dress can be cleaned at home if you want. But a little carelessness can ruin the dress. Only an experienced person can clean the dress carefully without any damage. Of course an experienced person can understand what kind of clothes should be cleaned and how to clean a wedding dress at home. That is why it is better to let such a beautiful, so expensive wedding dress be cleaned in the laundry.

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